$21K of debt in JUST 9 weeks

We began FPU in April 2014 $31,620 in debt. We live off of $40,000 a year and have always written a budget and stuck to it. At the beginning of the class, we made just enough to barely scrape by every month making minimum payments on everything. We have a baby and could not take the financial stress much longer. We decided to sell a bunch of things around our house, my husband took a night shift at work to make a little extra money and worked some overtime, and we sold both of our newer cars. We were able to pay off two credit cards, a doctor bill, and the cars. We finished our last FPU class today $9969.40 in debt (which will be paid off in less than a year)! That is a total of $21,650.16 of debt gone in JUST 9 WEEKS!! We now have a plan for building up our emergency fund and saving up for a down payment on a house. Thank you Dave Ramsey and Financial Peace University!

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