Couldn’t afford our baby – at first!

A few years ago my husband and I had no wiggle room in our budget, and then we got pregnant. We had to move half way across the country to be able to afford to keep a roof over our heads (moved from CA to the midwest). We moved next door to family that helped with daycare so that we could both keep working. We finally found Dave Ramsey after that. I realized that personal finance is about behavior, not math! I involved my husband in our finances and we did the monthly budget. We listened to the radio show often in the evenings so that he could hear it from someone besides me and we could stay motivated. Mainly budgeting was how we paid off $40,000 in 3 years, making $65k a year average. We moved back “home” and I was able to quit my job I didn’t like to stay home with our (now) two kids. Our broke friends made fun of us when we moved away. We moved back successful. A short term sacrifice is always worth it.

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