Debt Free 90k in 5 years

Hi Everyone, We had much debt, 90,000, and daycare, and on top of that came a car accident. I lived, but have chronic pain, along with allergies and sleep apnea(im skinny). My wife and I worked overtime, survived a recession, and sold everything on Ebay and Craigslist. My wife didn’t want to name the dog Ebay, but she was on board. I listened to FPU CD’s from 2001, in a cubical. I was once one of you, in debt, felt trapped, listened to those Debt Free Screams, and was depressed as well. Now, i know why they Scream, its awesome and was worth everything!!. The budgets, the selling, saying NO at malls, the trips to the post office, all worth it. Thank you Dave and team for teaching us, what I wish we had in school or college. Now we are driving decent used cars and loving it. We paid cash for the cars, and going to live like no one else. We have marriage peace. DebtFree for Life and thank you. Shackles off our feet!! thank you God for Jesus, my wife and kids, and Dave Ramsey and Company. You can do it America!!!!

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