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Fraud Alert

It has been brought to our attention by people calling into our customer service line, that there is a company out there using the name Legal Debt Solutions that is trying to collect on Pay Day Advance loans and other debt. We are in no way associated, affiliated or part of their alleged illegal collection efforts.

Although there are several companies in the U.S. that are named Legal Debt Solutions, we are getting these calls because, most likely we are easier to find online than the others and we are in a similar (but different) segment of the industry.

Firstly, our company, Legal Debt Solutions based in Tampa, FL (legaldebtsolutions.org)  is NOT a collection company. We do not reach out to anyone in order to collect any debts.

Secondly, The company that is perpetrating the fraud is based off-shore and is using tactics that would be illegal here in the U.S. to coerce people into wiring them money.

Finally, we have published a detailed Press Release on this subject that includes links to various emails people calling our customer service department have received and forwarded to us. If you received similar emails most likely you may be a victim of this fraudulent activity too.

Please be aware, this company, Legal Debt Solutions of Tampa FL is NOT the organization sending these emails and has no involvement whatsoever in this fraudulent activity. If anyone thinks we are the source of these emails, it is simply a case of mistaken corporate identity.

If after reading this you feel you wish to discuss this matter further, please visit our Client Complaint Policy page. By completing the form there one of our compliance officers will reach out to you to help in any way we can.

Legal Debt Solutions of Tampa works hard for our clients and their appreciation can be found on our client testimonial page.