Listen to Dave!!!

Dave, I have been following your financial guidelines since 2008 when I graduated as a RN from TTU (TN not TX)with $20k in student loans. I worked overtime and paid that off and bought an engagement ring with cash within about 10 months. I appreciate that your principles are biblical and I felt that I had a great plan to carry me through my life. Next, I probably diverged from your guidance as I got a graduate nursing degree as a nurse anesthetist all on student loans. I graduated with $110k in debt. My wife and I paid it off within 10 months. We sold several things on ebay to help pay it off. I am so thankful we worked and sacrificed to do it quickly because our child was born one month later and unexpectedly required a 7 hour open heart surgery the week he was born. Thankfully since we were out of debt, none of my stresses stemmed from wondering how we would pay for his care. Being debt free just allowed me to figure out how to support my newborn son and wife during this time. I can also tell you that immediately after we paid off the student loans a weight was lifted off my shoulders as I had felt the first time I paid off my undergraduate loans. I just wanted to write you to thank you for providing a financial plan for me to follow and for helping prepare my family for the future. I also wanted to let others reading on your website know that the unexpected can happen to anyone. Being out of debt is so important because you have to be able to take care of your family. I can’t imagine what my family would be going through with this surgery if we just chose to stay knee deep in debt. We are still living in an apartment as we save our full emergency fund and save for our 20% downpayment. It is hard not just diving in on a house right now but I know it will be worth it. Hopefully we can buy in 2 years. I look forward to living stress free for the rest of my life as I don’t have to worry about being in debt. It’s taken 8 years to get here, but I don’t regret doing it this way. I hope to help others receive the guidance you gave me!

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