Married for 2 months! PAID off $47k in 17 months!

We were debt free in 17 months paying off $47,000 in debt! My husband and I started Dave Ramsey???s plan in January 2013. At the time we were just dating and I had $19,475 in debt and he had $27,656 in debt. My Debt: Student Loans: $18,800 Medical Bill: $175 Credit Card $500 His Debt: Student Loans: $22,835 Auto Loan: $2,980 Medical Bill: $243 Credit Card: $698 Zales: $900 My Husband is 25 and Im 27 years old and we,ve been married for 2 months!!! I became debt free 5 months before we got married. We put all of our wedding gift money, as well as an additional $15k that we inherited towards debt, the rest of debt was paid off by HARD WORK! We worked a lot of overtime and paid for our wedding in cash! We decided to spend $5k on our wedding and by the grace of God we were able to stick with our budget! We???ve been so blessed over our 17 month journey and all glory goes to God! AND just last week my husband got a $20k promotion!!! We were so encouraged by all the debt free screams on the radio and all the articles written on the blog! We hope and PRAY our testimony encourages you. Debt FREEDOM is just a budget away.

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