Single Girl’s Salvation!

Well, my friend told me of Dave back in 2009. I was only 21 years old & thought I was great with money and I didn’t need someone to tell me common sense. Then around October 2013, I noticed that I had 2 mortgages I couldn’t afford, a brand new car that was worth as much as my annual salary, consumer debt that I had ignored, and a job that I was thankful for, but was not allowing me to use my Bachelor’s Degree and full potential. I googled something about being a better “Landlord” and Dave’s book popped up. I poked around his website and loved the idea of the baby steps. I needed direction. I then began obsessively listening to Dave all day, every day. I read all the books he recommends and the required reads for his employees, and completed FPU immediately. I still go back and watch them from time to time. My friends and I jokingly call him “Uncle Dave” – “Uncle Dave wouldn’t approve of that concert” etc. I had previously charged things such as cruises, a mattress, and even surgery for my dog. The most important thing I did was find God. This transformed my life in more ways than just one. Cleaning up my finances encouraged me to clean up other areas of my life as well (I changed my diet, cut out alcohol, started going to therapy, & got on a plan with my Doctor). I am only 7 months in and my life has changed drastically: After 14 job interviews, I landed a $4 raise with awesome benefits. I cut up 14 credit cards (and cancelled properly), I’ve paid off $2K in credit card debt and saved up my $1,000 emergency fund TWICE (making about $1,400/mo). I also sold my brand new vehicle, and I’m now driving a 20 year old truck. I am thankful everytime I start it and I don’t have to make that $315 payment for the next 7 years. I have about $12K debt left to pay off (including the $4K shortage I took on my selling my vehicle). I started this process making $23K/year. I now make $35,000 with my rental income. I will continue to strive for better. Anything is possible, depending on how bad you want it. And I promise when you find God, blessings come pouring your way. Believe. Even though I have rental property that I probably shouldn’t have, and own property with my boyfriend (we bought a condo before we knew about Dave) those things will soon be resolved. Things are smooth sailing and I’m not giving up ever again! Credit cards aren’t freedom, CASH IS FREEDOM! Please don’t give up either, and thank you Dave for caring about the people so much.

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